What is it?

Pseudogen is a Java™ to Algorithm Converter written specifically for the students of ICSE/ISC. It is also capable of generating Variable Listing and Method Listing.The format of algorithm it generates is called PseudoCode which is an absolutely valid way of writing algorithms, and the board prefers it (as said in the syllabus) over the descriptive based one, because it is much more mathematically structured.
Some things must be noted before using this technology:

  • This technology is limited to Java™ 7 grammar only. That is things like Lamda Expressions will not be processed by this technology.
  • For input Scanner and BufferedReader may not generate read statements if their objects are being used as instance variables. To make sure Pseudogen generates so, try to follow one of the following steps:
    • Instantiate(build objects) Scanner and BufferedReader at the Constructor.
    • Try to code input under the same method.
    • If the above 2 hacks fail instantiate(build objects) Scanner and BufferedReader locally, using the code Scanner [objname]=new Scanner(System.in); or BufferedReader [objname]=new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(System.in));
    Last of all try to avoid accepting input by using scannerObj.next().charAt(0) replace this line by q=scannerObj.next(); char x=q.charAt(0);. One thing you all must understand that Java™ was not designed for console based I/O thus its a forceful entry to make specific Java expressions look like read staements.
  • Do not use comment statements before input or output statements in the source code.
  • Assuming the conditions as stated above, the generator have seemed to pass 99% of all the test cases.This is the first version of this program all the bugs reported will be addressed in the second version. We encourage you to understand how to write pseudocode so that you can generate your own if this fails to generate your algorithm.

How you can contribute:

Please help spreading the word of this software if you like it.